Child exploitation and child pornography

The Senate Committee on Corrections & Criminal Law heard SB 14 authored by Sen. Head on child exploitation and child pornography. The bill (1) enhances those offenses by one level if the offense involves depiction of bestiality, a mentally disabled child, force or threat of force against the victim, or the victim receives a bodily injury while participating in the depicted conduct; and (2) classifies child exploitation as a “crime of violence” permitting a longer sentence. Sen. Head explained that while a simple nude photo of a child is bad, video of violent sex acts against a child are much worse and should carry harsher penalties. The Shelby County Prosecutor and a representative from the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council testified in favor of the bill. The bill was amended by consent to broaden the enhanced offense to apply if the victim meets any of the enhancing circumstances even if they are not depicted as such, or if the victim is under the age 12. The amended bill passed 7-0.

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