Civil immunity for volunteer health care providers

The House Judiciary heard HB 1145 concerning civil immunity for volunteer health care providers, authored and presented by Rep. Frizzell. The bill provides civil immunity for volunteer health providers – defined as dentists, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, or an advanced nurse practitioner, who provide non-invasive health procedures.  The bill also requires the professional licensing agency to establish and maintain a registry to approve locations where volunteer health care services may be provided, and a health care volunteer registry.  An amendment was introduced specifying that immunity would not apply to a healthcare facility that receives federal funding. The amendment was adopted by consent.  Testimony in support of the bill was received by a representative of the Indiana Minority Health Coalition; a senior advisor from Governor Pence’s Administration; a physician representing Riley Children’s Hospital and Timmy Global Health; and a physician from St. Francis Hospital.  The amended bill passed 10-0.

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