Waiver to adult court

The Senate Corrections & Criminal Law Committee heard SB 160 authored by Sen. R. Michael Young on waiver to adult court. The bill would require an adult court exercising “direct-file” jurisdiction over a juvenile to transfer jurisdiction to the juvenile court for disposition, if the minor is convicted of an offense other than the offense that permitted direct-file in adult court. Before any discussion, the bill was amended by consent to make such transfers discretionary rather than automatic. Sen.  R. Michael Young explained that when a conviction is for a non-direct-file offense, a procedure should be available to return the minor to more effective juvenile-court rehabilitative services.

The Indiana Public Defenders Council testified in support of the bill as amended. Opposed were Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council and Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

The bill passed as amended 8-0.

Read the bill at https://iga.in.gov/legislative/2016/bills/senate/160