Patent protection

The House Judiciary Committee also heard Rep. Koch’s HB 1102 concerning patent protection. The bill addresses bad faith demand letters asserting claims of patent infringement, commonly known as “patent troll activity”. The bill provides for the Attorney General or … [Read more...]

Medicaid fraud

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1401 regarding Medicaid fraud authored by Rep. Washburne and Rep. Bacon. This bill clarifies current law by including knowingly or intentionally making, uttering, presenting, or causing to be presented to the … [Read more...]

Wage payment and wage assignment

The House Judiciary heard HB 1469 concerning wage payment and wage assignment, authored by Rep. Ober. This bill provides that an employer who fails to make timely payment of wages or withholds wages in bad faith, may, in addition to the wages due, pay liquidated … [Read more...]

Debt collection

The Civil Law Committee heard SB 211 authored by Sen. Patricia Miller on debt collection. The bill was prepared at the request of Attorney General Zoeller amending the deceptive consumer sales statutes to further consumer protection efforts. A representative from the … [Read more...]

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The House Judiciary Committee heard HB 1456, establishing the servicemembers civil relief act, authored by Reps. Zent, Moseley, and Carbaugh. The Indiana SCRA supplements protections for servicemembers provided for under the federal SCRA. Generally, the Indiana SCRA … [Read more...]

Medical malpractice actions

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 55, Sen. Steele’s bill on medical malpractice actions that permits a patient to bring an action against a health care provider without submitting the complaint to the Medical Review Board if the amount of the claim is not more … [Read more...]