Sex offenders and child care services

The House Committee on Family, Children & Human Affairs heard SB 258, sponsored by Rep. Manning, on sexually violent predators. The current law prohibits a sexually violent predator or an offender against children from working for compensation or as a volunteer on … [Read more...]

Notice & hearings on child relocation

For amend and vote only, the House Judiciary Committee heard SB 292 on notice and hearings on child relocation, sponsored by Rep. Sullivan.  The bill does the following: changes certain procedures governing the relocation of a child in cases in which custody orders … [Read more...]

Court appointed youth advocate pilot program

The House Family, Children, and Human Affairs Committee heard SB 423 sponsored by Rep. Steuerwald and Rep. Cook creating a court appointed youth advocate pilot program. This bill provides that the Office of Judicial Administration may establish a youth advocate pilot … [Read more...]

Victims of criminal acts

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard SB 551 sponsored by Rep. McNamara on victims of criminal acts. This bill: provides that a new registration period may be imposed if a sex or violent offender fails to register or improperly registers as a sex or … [Read more...]

Parental incarceration

The Senate Committee on Family and Children Services heard HB 1432 sponsored by Senator Young regarding parental incarceration. The bill provides that: a child in need of services (CHINS) case plan must include a description and discussion of the services and … [Read more...]

Drug testing and visitation

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Crider’s SB 323 on drug testing and visitation. The bill authorizes a court to require a parent to submit to drug testing as a condition of exercising parenting time rights if the court finds that: (1) the parent has a history … [Read more...]

Court appointed youth advocate pilot program

For amend and vote only, the Senate Appropriations Committee heard Sen. Bohacek’s SB 423 creating a court appointed youth advocate pilot program until July 1, 2021, for purposes of providing early intervention and mentoring services for children who are adjudicated … [Read more...]