Trial records

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard HB 1173 pertaining to trial records sponsored by Sen. Bohacek. The bill: permits a victim (or the spouse or an immediate family member of a deceased victim) to obtain, free of charge, an electronic copy of the transcript of … [Read more...]

Office of Judicial Administration

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 238 sponsored by Rep. Steuerwald on the Office of Judicial Administration. The bill changes all references to the Supreme Court Administration, Division of State Court Administration and the Indiana Judicial Center to the Office of … [Read more...]

Training for local elected officials

The House Local Government Committee heard HB 1309 on training for local elected officials authored by Rep. Engleman. The bill amends the training requirements for certain county elected officials, including the circuit court clerk to require five hours of training of … [Read more...]

DNA for felony arrestees

The House Ways and Means Committee heard SB 322 sponsored by Rep. Steuerwald and Rep. Bauer on DNA for felony arrestees. This bill requires every person arrested for a felony after December 31, 2017, to submit a DNA sample, and specifies that the sample may be obtained … [Read more...]

Judgment dockets

H.E.A. 1141, P.L. 55-2015 Effective: July 1, 2015 Specifies that the clerk of a circuit court: (1) shall keep a judgment docket for the circuit court and for each superior court and probate court served by the clerk; and (2) is the official keeper of the judgment … [Read more...]