Victim notification

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard Sen. Head’s SB 239 on victim notification. The bill provides that if the discharge or release date of an offender is changed during the 40-day notification period before an offender's planned discharge or release, … [Read more...]

Operating while intoxicated

S.E.A. 142, P.L. 26 Effective: July 1, 2016 Provides that a person who commits the offense of causing the death of another person when operating a vehicle: (1) with an alcohol concentration equivalent to at least 0.08 gram of alcohol per 100 milliliters of the … [Read more...]

Criminal justice matters

H.E.A. 1102, P.L. 69 Effective: July 1, 2016 Allows the department of correction (department) to make grants to county jails to provide evidence based mental health and addiction forensic treatment services from funds appropriated to the department for the … [Read more...]

Juvenile justice

H.E.A. 1369, P.L. 88 Effective: March 21, 2016 Requires the commission on improving the status of children to: (1) study and evaluate innovative juvenile justice programs, including juvenile community corrections; and (2) consult with the justice reinvestment … [Read more...]

DOC commitments and motorboat OWI

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard SB 142 on DOC commitments and motorboat OWI sponsored by Rep. Steuerwald.  The bill provides that an individual convicted of a Level 6 felony may be committed to the Department of Correction (DOC) if the person received … [Read more...]

Juvenile justice

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard HB 1369, on juvenile justice which assigns the task of looking at innovative juvenile programs to the Commission on Improving the Status of Children. Sponsor Sen. Holdman explained that the intent is to showcase programs, including … [Read more...]

Criminal justice matters

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard HB 1102 concerning criminal justice matters authored by Rep. Steuerwald and sponsored by Sen. Steele. The bill came as a recommendation from the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council to add county jails, pretrial … [Read more...]