Self-defense and the defense of others

For amend and vote only, the House Judiciary Committee heard Rep. Lucas’ HB 1284 on self-defense and the defense of others, providing immunity for a justified use of force in certain instances and requiring a trial court to conduct a pretrial hearing concerning the … [Read more...]

Going upon the premises of another

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 220 authored by Sen. Koch on going upon the premises of another. The bill provides that a person who goes upon the premises of another for certain purposes does not have an assurance that the premises are safe for the person's … [Read more...]

Landowner immunity for trail access

H.E.A. 1115, P.L. 29 Effective: July 1, 2018 Specifies that with respect to the statute that restricts a landowner's liability for an injury to a person or property caused by an act or failure to act of another person using the landowner's premises for certain … [Read more...]

Qualified egg banks

H.E.A. 1203, P.L. 113 Effective: July 1, 2018 Amends, for purposes of the law regarding unlawful transfer of a human organism, the definition of "qualified third party" and changes the term to "qualified egg bank". Exempts from the criminal offense of unlawful … [Read more...]