Liability of a real estate licensee

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard Sen. Merritt’s SB 411 on liability of a real estate licensee. This bill provides that a licensed real estate broker is not liable for certain real estate related reports, statements, or information except in certain circumstances. … [Read more...]

Immunity for damage caused rescuing a child

The House Judiciary heard HB 1161 concerning immunity for damage caused rescuing a child, authored and presented by Rep. GiaQuinta. The bill provides that if a child is in imminent danger of harm, a person who forcibly enters a locked motor vehicle for the purpose of … [Read more...]

Lawsuits against gun manufacturers

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Tomes’ SB 98 on lawsuits against gun manufacturers. This bill prohibits a person from bringing or maintaining certain actions against a firearms manufacturer, ammunition manufacturer, trade association, or seller, and makes the … [Read more...]

Recreational facility immunity

The House Judiciary Committee heard HB 1045, concerning recreational facility immunity. Author Rep. Morrison introduced this legislation, explaining that it applies to postsecondary educational institutions and specifies the duties and responsibilities of the users and … [Read more...]