Misdemeanor penalties

The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law heard Sen. Young’s SB 336 making numerous misdemeanor penalties civil infractions and repealing the crimes of vending machine vandalism and refusing to yield a party line. There were two amendments taken by consent … [Read more...]

Emotional support animals

S.E.A. 240, P.L. 162 Effective: July 1, 2018 Provides that a dwelling that is exempt from the Indiana fair housing law is not subject to the requirements applicable to emotional support animals. Defines "emotional support animal". Specifies who may use an emotional … [Read more...]

Motor vehicle safety

S.E.A. 266, P.L. 164 Effective: July 1, 2018 Provides that exceeding an altered speed limit established by a local authority is a Class C infraction. Provides that exceeding a speed limit in a school zone is a Class B infraction. Provides that failing to maintain a … [Read more...]

Emotional support animals

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 240 relating to emotional support animals sponsored by Rep. Siegrist. The bill defines "emotional support animal," specifies who may use an emotional support animal, who may prescribe an emotional support animal, and when an … [Read more...]

Service animals

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard SB 240 authored by Sen. Leising on service animals. The author clarified that this bill is for emotional support animals not service animals. The bill specifies that a landlord may not ask an individual with a disability who seeks to … [Read more...]

Traffic amnesty program

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1152 on traffic amnesty program authored by Rep. Shackleford.  The bill permits an eligible individual to petition a circuit or superior court, in the same case number for the violation, for a reduction in the amount … [Read more...]

Motor vehicle safety

The Senate Homeland Security and Transportation Committee heard SB 266 on motor vehicle safety authored by Sen. Crider. The bill amends several sections regarding vehicle equipment (displaying license plates, head lamps, stop lights on rear of vehicle, signal lamps, … [Read more...]


S.E.A. 1, P.L. 206 Effective: April 27, 2017 Provides that a retailer who: (1) knowingly or intentionally sells e-liquid to a minor; or (2) fails to verify the age of a person less than 27 years of age and sells the person e-liquid commits a Class C … [Read more...]