Application of foreign law

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 38, authored by Sen. Steele and Sen. Delph, on the application of foreign law.  This bill provides that a court may not apply, enforce, or grant comity, res judicata, claim preclusion, or issue preclusion to a foreign law, ruling, … [Read more...]


The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 354, Sen. Steele’s bill on judgments, providing that a judgment creditor may require a judgment debtor to appear in court to provide information concerning the judgment debtor's income and assets: (1) at any time, if the judgment … [Read more...]

Judgment dockets

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard Rep. Richardson’s HB 1141 pertaining to judgment dockets. This bill was prepared at the request of the Supreme Court Records Management Committee to clarify changes made last session to the judgment docket. The bill … [Read more...]