Natural resources

H.E.A. 1385, P.L. 164 Effective: 1-54, 60, 62-63 January 1, 2021; 55-59, 61, 64, 65 July 1, 2020 In part: Provides that a watercraft is not a vehicle for purposes of mechanic's liens for vehicles. Provides that a person that fails to carry a certificate of … [Read more...]

Courts and family law matters

H.E.A. 1313, P.L. 162 Effective: July 1, 2020 [relevant sections] Provides that a magistrate has the same powers as a judge, except the power of judicial mandate. Repeals certain sections that enumerate the powers for magistrates. Repeals the judicial technology … [Read more...]

Court matters

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1313 concerning court matters authored by Rep. J. Young.  The bill amends the magistrate statutes to provide magistrates have the same powers as judges, except judicial mandate, sunsets the judicial technology … [Read more...]

Claims concerning user fees

S.E.A. 582, P.L. 195 Effective: §1 retroactive to July 1, 2017; §2 retroactive to July 1, 2015; §3-6 effective May 6, 2019 Defines the term "user fee" as a fee, rate, or charge imposed by a political subdivision: (1) that represents a just, reasonable, and … [Read more...]

Administrative law judges

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard HB 1223 on administrative law judges, sponsored by Sen. Head.  The bill establishes the office of administrative law proceedings (office) within the state personnel department to hear certain administrative proceedings that result in … [Read more...]

Disputes involving homeowners associations

For amend and vote only, the House Judiciary Committee heard Rep. Burton’s HB 1138 on disputes involving home owners associations. The bill provides that if mediation is mandatory if either party requests it. The bill further provides that if neither party requests … [Read more...]