Asbestos litigation

The House Judiciary Committee reheard HB 1061 authored by Rep. Lehman and Rep. Torr on asbestos litigation for amend and vote only. The bill specifies the causes of action that may constitute a product liability action. The bill was amended to assign to a study … [Read more...]

Landowner immunity for trail access

The House Judiciary Committee heard HB 1115 authored by Rep. Hamilton and Rep. Culver on landowner immunity for trail access. The bill amends current law to include limitations on a landowner’s liability for an injury to a person or property caused by an act or failure … [Read more...]

Protecting pets in distressed homes

The Senate Family and Children Services heard SB 332 authored by Sen. Grooms on protecting pets in distressed homes. The bill provides that an adult protective services unit conducting an investigation or a caseworker conducting an assessment who observes, or has reason … [Read more...]

Rescue actions

H.E.A. 1085, P.L. 186 Effective: July 1, 2017 Amends an Indiana Code section requiring an emergency medical services provider to take custody of a newborn child under certain circumstances to eliminate an ambiguity that might otherwise exist with respect to one of … [Read more...]

Insurance matters

H.E.A. 1318, P.L. 148 Effective: July 1, 2017 Limits certain actions by a property and casualty insurer with respect to primary residence property loss of an innocent coinsured. Defines "cyber liability" for purposes of the tort claims act and allows the state to … [Read more...]

Criminal and civil liability for ransomware

For amend and vote only, the Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard HB 1444, sponsored by Sen. Zay and Sen. Doriot, on criminal and civil liability for ransomware.  The bill was amended by consent to specify that a person that controls, directly or … [Read more...]

Criminal and civil liability for ransomware

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard Rep. Judy’s HB 1444 on criminal and civil liability for ransomware. The bill increases the penalty for computer trespass to a Level 6 felony if the person who commits the offense prevents the owner of the computer … [Read more...]

Construction or design contracts

The House Judiciary Committee heard Rep. Torr’s HB 1037 invalidating indemnity provisions in construction or design contracts involving a promisee’s own negligence or willful misconduct or that of their agents, servants, or independent contractors. Rep.Torr asked those … [Read more...]