Protection orders and domestic battery

S.E.A. 79, P.L. 67 Effective: July 1, 2021 Provides that if a petition for an order for protection is filed by a person or on behalf of an unemancipated minor, the court shall determine, after reviewing the petition or making an inquiry, whether issuing the order … [Read more...]


S.E.A. 133, P.L. 119 Effective: July 1, 2021 Provides that a court may suspend only that part of a sentence in excess of the minimum sentence for a person convicted of a Level 2 or Level 3 felony who has a prior unrelated felony conviction, other than a conviction … [Read more...]


The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard HB 1202 sponsored by Sen. Bohacek regarding sentencing.  The bill provides that the Department of Correction shall identify an inmate to the parole board and provide the parole board with the inmate’s offender … [Read more...]


The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard SB 133 on sentencing, sponsored by Rep. Speedy and Rep. Olthoff. The bill does the following: Enhances the penalty for child exploitation and child pornography if the person has a previous conviction. Provides … [Read more...]

Criminal law issues

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard SB 197 on criminal law issues, sponsored by Rep. Steuerwald.  The author, Sen. M. Young, presented the bill which does the following: Specifies that a conviction for certain sex offenses requires mandatory … [Read more...]

Juvenile justice

On recommitment, the House Ways and Means Committee heard SB 368 authored by Sen. Tallian and sponsored by Rep, McNamara on juvenile justice.  Sen. Tallian introduced the legislation, which provides for the automatic expungement of certain juvenile offenses when a child … [Read more...]