Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Districts and New Judicial Appointees for the Indiana Pro Bono Commission

December 20, 2012 by Editor

The Indiana Supreme Court, on January 1, 2012, approved a change in boundaries of Indiana’s Pro Bono districts. The Court shifted boundaries to balance the state ratio of indigent people per lawyer. The ratio varied as widely as 24:1 to 146:1. With the new change, which includes the elimination of 2 districts, the ratio will approach 78:1. The Court also announced new Judicial District Appointees to reflect the shift and transition in leadership. With a twelve district configuration, the Pro Bono Commission hopes to increase the number of individuals helped and to continue improving on the range of services provided. The new map and the list of judicial district appointees are shown below.

Judicial District Appointees

District A
Magistrate Michael Pagano, Lake Superior Court

District B
Judge David Bonfiglio, Elkhart Superior Court

District C
Judge Michael Kramer, Noble Superior Court

District D
Judge Rex Kepner, Benton Circuit Court

District E
Judge Robert McCallen, III, Wabash Circuit Court

District F
Judge Marianne Vorhees, Delaware Circuit Court

District G
Judge David Shaheed, Marion Superior Court

District H
Judge Mary Ellen Diekhoff, Monroe Circuit Court

District I
Judge Jon Webster, Jennings Circuit Court

District J
Judge Alison Frazier, Jefferson Superior Court

District K
Judge Greg Smith, Daviess Circuit Court

District L
Judge Vicki Carmichael, Clark Superior Court