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ICOR Revisited

June 24, 2013 by Jeffrey S. Wiese

Seven years ago, the Indiana Supreme Court’s Division of State Court Administration (Division) launched the Indiana Courts Online Reports system, and today the system is getting a fresh upgrade. This application, known as ICOR, was built to allow all reporting courts to complete and file electronically the required statistical reports directly into the application. In the days before ICOR, trial courts submitted paper reports with a huge amount of data, which Division staff keyed into a database to be analyzed and compiled into an annual report.

ICOR was a state of the art program when it was introduced in 2007; however, as with all technology, problems surfaced and users suggested better ways to achieve the desired results. Most of these problems arose because of the evolution of the Internet browsers that were in use when ICOR was introduced. The “new” ICOR should eliminate most of the problems caused by the various browsers. As with any computer program, when new versions of browsers are released, the new ICOR will need modifications. But despite this one drawback, the new ICOR will be easier to change than the old ICOR.

Armed with the experience from the past six years, the Division began re-writing the ICOR application in October 2012. The first phase of the new ICOR has now been released, and courts are using it for preparing the 2013 first quarter case status and probation reports. Currently, only the QCSR and Probation reports for the first quarter of 2013 are available. Development work continues, and the new ICOR will be available for subsequent reports as they become due. Where possible, the new ICOR was built to resemble the old ICOR; however, some of the extraneous screen design was eliminated in an effort to make the application easier to read online.

The biggest difference a court user will notice is that ICOR is now an application on INcite (Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet) and is accessible with a regular INcite username and password. When an authorized user signs onto INcite, ICOR will be among the list of accessible applications. At that point, the user should select “ICOR,” after which, the user will be taken to the “Landing Page,” which displays all of the reports that the user is authorized to complete. The different report forms are color coded in the same manner as they were in the old ICOR (blue – the report is available and is ready to complete; yellow – the report is in draft status; red – the report contains an error within the form; green – the report has been submitted as a final and completed document).

Enhancements to note:

Save and Step Back – a new button at the bottom of each page of a form. Selecting this button will save the information you have entered on that page as a draft and “step back” to the previous page of the form.

Save and Continue – a new button at the bottom of each page of a form. Selecting this button will save the information you have entered on that page as a draft and continue to the next page of the form.

Cancel – a new button that appears in the top right corner of each page. Selecting this button will delete all entries you have made on the form (provided you have not already selected the Save and Continue button) and return you to the dashboard.

Print – selecting this button will print the screen you are viewing.

Review Page – allows you to view the entire form before it is submitted. You may also print the entire form from the review page.

Validation of entries on Line P “Other” – as you know, if you dispose of a case using Line P “other” you are required to provide a brief explanation of the reasons for using the “Other” disposition in Part VII Explanation And Comment of the QCSR. In the old ICOR a user had to remember to provide an explanation of cases listed as the “other disposed” category; in the new ICOR, entry on Line P will be prompt the user to explain that entry in Part VII.

Reports for the years 2007 through 2012 are still available for viewing on the old ICOR website.

ICOR moved on April 1, 2013 from the original website to:

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