Thursday, March 30, 2017

Casey Family Programs: 2020 Strategy

October 28, 2013 by Editor

Since 2007, Casey Family Programs has had the privilege to work in close partnership with the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS). To date, our efforts with DCS have supported several key initiatives, including:

internal management development
father engagement
permanency roundtables (internal case consultations to identify innovative strategies to promote child permanency attainment)
improvements in data analysis capacity
identification and [...]

Juvenile Mental Health Screening, Assessment & Treatment

October 21, 2013 by Editor

The Indiana Juvenile Mental Health Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Project (Project) is aimed at early assessment of mental health issues facing children who enter juvenile detention. It is already helping children access needed services.
Benefits Observed by Detention Centers and Courts
Some of the recognized benefits of the Project include:

a better understanding of the youth on the [...]

Shooting at Virginia Tech Effects Change for Hoosiers

Shooting at Virginia Tech Effects Change for Hoosiers

December 31, 2009 by Editor

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, on April 16, 2007, Congress passed the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (“The Act”).  The Act gives states greater incentives to submit records to the FBI regarding individuals who are prohibited from purchasing firearms.  Representative Vern Tincher, a retired [...]